The company DIRA FRUKT EOOD is owned by Mr. Dimitar Vasilev.  It is based at the market in Slatina - Sofia and at the market of the village in Parvenets in Bulgaria.  Mr. Vasilev has began trading fruits and vegetables since 1990 in Bulgaria, after the political changes moved the country into another direction and a free market was opened for everyone.  His beginning was modest and included a single trading table at a central market in Bulgaria.  His ingenuity, dream to create a high quality supply chain and an objective eye of the market brought him to purchase his first depot, expanding prospects for a larger sales and distribution as early as the year 1995.

Dira Frukt EOOD was created in 2009 and it is with headquarters 50 meters from the stock market of Parvenets, Bulgaria.  In Parvenets a large stock mart responds to the needs of the whole southern Bulgaria.  Before the year 2009 the company was Activ Frukt and it was owned by two associates, one of which was Mr. Vasilev.  They were on the market together since 1999.  After 10 years of collaboration together they decided to separate and followed their own path to achievement.  The company Activ Frukt ceased to exist.
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